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Still stuck in quarantine? Here are 5 things you need in your home gym to stay fit from anywhere!

Has quarantine slowed down your physical fitness progress? Are you looking to improve your physical health in 2021 as we head into the summer months? Luckily for you and anyone else trying to get into better shape, expensive gym memberships are not required to improve your physical appearance & health. At Hustle with Holmie, we pride ourselves on the being able to provide our clients excellent at-home workouts with only a few items.

Continue reading to learn more about the 5 things you need in your home gym to stay fit this year.

A Clean Space/ Area Dedicated to Fitness

Quarantine has made it clear for many people that having dedicated areas in your home for certain tasks help with productivity. Dedicating a specific area of your home, even if it is just a section of a room, can not only keep you on track but help you stay motivated. You created a home office to stay productive at work, right? Do the same thing for your workout routine! Also, as the weather improves, many of the workouts featured below can be done outside!

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are a great, non-expensive tool to help improve your gym space. From completing an online yoga routine sourced from YouTube, to improving flexibility, to a more strength-based class, the comfortable surface allows you to complete the class while avoiding rug burn or pressure points on hard flooring. YouTube has an extensive collection of free, beginner yoga courses perfect for people starting out on their ‘yogi’ journey!

Set of Dumbbells

A set of dumbbells are ideal for those looking to become more toned & build muscle. The advantages of dumbbells are they take up little space and allow you to target specific muscle groups when lifting. There are also numerous full-body, dynamic workouts you can complete with dumbbells that are sure to get your heart rate up! Take a look at some of the full-body dumbbell workouts we love at Hustle with Holmie below!

Power Bands/ Mini Bands

Power & mini bands help those working out target specific area’s with resistance training. Generally, power & mini band workouts include small, precise movements to target these muscles and muscle groups. They’re also great for building flexibility!


An often-overlooked aspect of physical fitness for people just starting out is staying hydrated! Starting your day with a full glass of water prior to coffee or tea helps jumpstart your metabolism for the day. As the day progresses be sure to have a water bottle or glass nearby and drink as often as possible.

Hustle with Holmie: Boston’s Premier Personal Trainer

We hope this article helps you with your physical fitness journey as quarantine restrictions are still in place. If you want to receive more information regarding staying fit throughout 2021, contact the team at Hustle with Holmie! Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get monthly tips on improving your health.

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